Transportation Services


The transportation industry serves several markets that require specialized expertise, Kronoz has focused on developing a team of worldwide specialists with a high level of knowledge in the field.


Refrigerated Cargo

Our experience in this sector and cold chain management has allowed us to design and implement top-notch methods to manage and operate the logistics of this demanding industry.

KNZ – Kronoz offers temperature-controlled freight shipping for international transport. Transporting of certain sensitive cargo has specific requirements, our experience in this sector has allowed us to design and implement optimal methods to manage and operate the logistics of these categories:

  • Perishables (fruit, meat, vegetables, dairy, etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals

Project Cargo

Project experts also work to ensure that the most appropriate routing and modes of transport are used while helping you understand every aspect of your transportation costs. Size, weight, or other characteristics require special handling, including:

  • Chartering, barges, ships and aircraft
  • Disassembly / Rigging
  • Design and engineering of packaging
  • Routing


A joint venture with Asep Trans, D.A Hinojosa and Kronoz “HAK” in Altamira helped us build ISO Tank and Tank Trailer washing facilities.

Due to the demand for transportation of food-grade liquids, dairy products and drinks, we have joined D.A. Hinojosa to create Bulkuid, an international company in food-grade ISO tanks.

Our services:

  • Domestic and international shipping of food-grade ISO and super insulated tank containers
  • Flexi-bag shipping containers
  • Bulk containers
  • Food grade cleaning (Kosher rinsing, disinfection, sterilization and washing)
  • GPS
  • Temperature control